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   Trade shows today are about revenue, expenses and the bottom line. Associations, Show Managers and Exhibitors alike are looking for more revenue and less expenses in order to reflect a more profitable bottom line. At Event Marketing Consultants, our trademark is, exploring possibilities, providing solutions.” While there are many “possibilities” out there to choose from, providing a service that does not increase revenue, decrease expenses or positively impact your bottom line is simply NOT a solution!

Event Marketing Consultants teams up with trade show managers and associations to provide valuable, marketing opportunities designed with the same goal in mind…to turn attendees into BUYERS!

Our extensive array of products and services focuses on bringing exhibitors and attendees together in a casual, non-threatening, environment. We provide a reason for attendees to visit the exhibitors and this opens the door for convenient, person-to-person dialogue to take place. The result is exhibitors and attendees become buyers and sellers!

Another unique quality found in all our products and services is their ability to transcend all industries and appeal to exhibitors of all sizes! From dentistry to construction, horticulture to healthcare our services work at any trade show in any industry. Equally as important, our services offer tremendous benefits to both the smallest exhibitor and the largest show sponsor.

It is never our objective to jeopardize your sponsorship sales or to compete for the same marketing dollar. Instead, our goal is to work with your management and sales team to compliment your efforts by providing additional marketing opportunities for your exhibitors.

Our value-added services are backed by 10 years of proven experience at numerous trade shows across the country. Show managers and exhibitors continue to work with us year after year because we offer solutions that work! Most important, our solid reputation speaks for itself. Together with our outstanding customer service, attention to detail and commitment to excellence, joining efforts with EMC provides a winning combination!