“ The Pre-Event Planner proved to be an excellent marketing tool for us. The Planner allows the recipients ample time to review the literature before the event, thereby streamlining our sales efforts to interested attendees. We will continue to use this successful method as one of our marketing channels.”  Elizabeth E. Clark, California Dentist’ Guild

“We were very well pleased with the response we received. Many attendees came to our booth specifically looking for information on our products and services.”  Clift C. Dempsey, Heart to Heart Enterprises, Inc.

“35 people came to the booth in the first hour and a half (of the tradeshow) with our brochure from the Planner!”  Mary McNulty, Society of Critical Care Medicine

"The EMC Pre-Event Planner is a great promotional tool! I was amazed at the number of people who came by my booth that otherwise would not have, had they not seen my brochure in the planner. I will definitely use this service again and again." Steve Goldwyn, Club Kuaii      

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