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The Pre-Event Planner is our own unique pre-show marketing tool designed with your specific needs in mind. Attendees receive the Pre-Event Planner approximately 2-3 weeks before the show starts, filled with valuable show information such as day planners, registration forms, special events, key speakers, exhibitor lists, floor plans, seminars, shuttle bus schedules, hotel and restaurant guides, city maps, and local attractions!

Many of our clients spend a considerable amount of money on mailing costs trying to send information to their attendees. The Pre-Event Planner virtually eliminates this expense from your budget as we encourage you to include your important show information in our mailing. This keeps more money in your pockets to spend on other areas of your show or better yet, to increase your bottom line! In addition, your exhibitors will enjoy this value added marketing opportunity to reach every potential buyer before the show starts! By including include their own promotional materials in the Pre-Event Planner for much less than they could send out their own pre-show mailing, your exhibitors free up valuable marketing dollars to re-allocate toward other advertising opportunities that you offer at your show. This is only one of the many ways the Pre-Event Planner adds to your bottom line profits! All you need to do is send us the materials you wish to include and we will take care of everything else.

The Pre-Event Planner is designed to include promotional literature of all shapes, sizes and styles. This advantage is what distinguishes the Pre-Event Planner over similar services in the industry. Exhibitors enjoy the opportunity to send out full size four color brochures, tri-folds, catalogs, post cards, pamphlets, ad re-prints, press releases and pricing sheets. In addition our large mailing envelopes accommodate literature pieces ranging from a 4x6 card to a 10x12 tabloid size. As a result the Pre-Event Planner provides a unique, diversified, presentation of exhibitor promotional literature that attendees have come to expect.

As one of the most cost effective advertising services available in the industry today, the Pre-Event Planner offers an equal opportunity to every exhibitor and delivers the biggest bang for the buck!